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Hey, mun, could you be any more unreliable? You always promise to help me find something consistent, something I can depend on, something that won't fade away within twenty-four hours. And what do I get? Nothing. Nada. Zip. Not a damn thing! And you know what? I'm tired of it. I know how you go on and on on about how I'm "unconventional" and what-have-you, and that it's hard to find people to play with, but come on. It couldn't be THAT damn hard. Keep looking. Just don't give up because someone else tells you to. I'm your muse, for crying out loud. Don't give up on me in the eleventh hour, dammit.


That gave me a damn headache.


...I don't remember him wearing glasses.


Oh dearest mun,

You know... I am not going to stop asking you to bring my game here until you, you know, actually do it. I am going to drive you crazy until you do, so just stop making all these excuses about how all your other muses are more important than me. You don't even do anything with them! Except for that blonde girl who looks like me, and that's not very often, either. Anyway, got it? I hope so.

Very little love,



The coffee pot is empty... again.


Wonder if it'll snow this year?


Dear mun,

Could you please stop ignoring me? I'm not going to go away, you know.

No love,

Lois FREAKING Lane (thankyouverymuch)


Apparently, my mun didn't get the damn memo. I'm Lois Lane, damn it. You're not allowed to ignore me.